Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Documents

A large number of people have been relying on Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) to materialize their dream of having their own home. If you want to get enrolled in this program, you have to produce some relevant documents. The first thing you need to do is to fill the online application form and a photograph must be attached to the application. What is the document to be submitted along with the application form and photograph?


Proof of Address (POA) and Proof of Identity (POI) certificates are essential documents

These are very important documents for all applicants of the PMAY. The government has clearly specified some documents as POF and POI and every applicant needs to submit these documents. The identity and uniqueness of the applicant are established by the POI certificates. The present and permanent address of the application is established by the POA certificates.

Which are the documents that PMAY accepts as proof of address and identity?  For POI, you can produce Driving License, Aadhar Card, Pan Card and Voters Identity Card.  Documents such as Telephone bill, Electricity bill, Bank passbook, Voter ID card, and Driving License.

Produce relevant documents for income proof

Since the prime objective of PMAY is to provide housing requirements of the Indian citizens, especially backward classes and people with lower income; the potential beneficiaries must o submit the income certificate. If the income of the applicant does not stay in the taxable limit, self-declaration of low-income certificate or economically weaker section certificate has to be submitted. Monthly salaried people should produce a recent original salary statement and IT return statements as well.


Documents that can be used as proof of category and proof of nationality

These two documents are also needed when you are applying under specific schemes. For proof of category, you can produce a Minority certificate or Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe or another backward class certificate as well. In order to prove your nationality, birth certificate, aadhar card or passport can be produced.

Documents to be submitted regarding construction

Relevant documents regarding the construction matters have to be submitted. If you are an applicant, you need to produce the construction agreement received from the builder or developer and you are also required to submit the approved plan. Other documents that should be attached include fitness certificate and cost certificate that grant the permission of construction or extension and no objection certificate issued by the concerned authority.

Other important documents that need to be submitted

Another important document is the Valuation certificate of the property that has been issued by a certified authority and the applicant also has to provide the bank account statement details. A certificate from the concerned authority that shows that the applicant does not own a pucca house should also be provided to become eligible for building a home under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. It needs to be submitted through a court affidavit. These are the most important documents that have to be submitted while applying for PMAY scheme.